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SOAKY was created with two goals in mind:

1. creating a bath-time that is fun-filled for children 
2. supporting better sleep for the entire family through the use of magnesium

we all know what an important role sleep plays in the growth and development of our children, and we have all felt the pain of being sleep deprived ourselves.  life can be quite taxing as it is and without sufficient sleep, we as mums (and all the other people in the world - really), struggle to maintain that good, happy balance.  

when we are sleep deprived, just as our little ones, we are more prone to becoming crankypants and we cannot cope well with the pressures and stimulants the world around us presents us with.

magnesium is an age old natural remedy for many modern day ailments, and is suitable for the whole family; from infant to great-great-grandparent.  

magnesium baths can help foster better sleep for your
littlies (read - "YOU"), which can turn that crankysaurus into a happysaurus!

if you have been oblivious to the benefits of bath salts or would like to read up on some studies on magnesium, explore Mr. Google - he will tell you all you need to know. 

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