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About Us: FAQ

what's the story behind SOAKY?

there once was a mother with her head in her hands - desperate for her child to sleep well.  her despair was turned into a quest to find a solution for her family's lack of sleep after what seemed like a lifetime of sleepless nights and frequent night waking.  

she searched high, and she searched low and had tried almost all of the sleep suggestions out there.  none of it worked, until she learned of the impact that sufficient levels of magnesium has on the quality of sleep and started adding magnesium to her child's bath. 

lo and behold, after adding magnesium to her baby's bath for a couple of weeks, she saw a significant decrease in the nightly waking - instead of waking up 8 to 10 times each night, her baby started waking maybe once or twice. 

this experience was the beginning of a new era and the development of SOAKY started.  SOAKY now boasts a range of fun coloured and fragranced magnesium salt bubble bath for children of all ages and skin types.

what role does magnesium play in the human body, and how does this relate to better sleep?

just like iron, potassium, calcium, etc.; magnesium is one of the essential minerals needed by the body to stay healthy.  

it affects various reactions in the body such as maintaining healthy levels of GABA (a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep); and the active transportation of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes (a process that is important to the regulation of muscle and nerve function), amongst others.

these biochemical reactions all supports deep, restorative sleep and without sufficient magnesium you can experience trouble winding down, falling into deep sleep, and staying asleep. 

click here for a list of external sources about magnesium, its role, its uses and its benefits if you would like to know more.

why is SOAKY an amazing parenting tool?

well if you are like most parents out there, you have experienced your fair share of bath time battles and sleepless nights. 

you have experienced exhaustion that you never knew existed, and because you are so tired because the kids are still waking you up a million times a night, you don't even have the energy to deal with the bath time struggles.

never fear when SOAKY is near!  not only will bath time become something to look forward to again, your kids will enjoy the beautiful sensory experience while soaking up all the benefits of their magnesium filled bath, setting you and your family up for a restful night's sleep.

what is SOAKY's range of magnesium salt bubble bath made of?

SOAKY uses only the best quality, locally sourced ingredients in the creation of each of our products.  each product is carefully made, packaged and sealed to ensure you get a beautiful, quality product that your kids will adore.

click here for a full list of our ingredients and what they do.

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