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Ingredients: List

epsom salts

this is the magnesium component

this MgSO4 is sourced locally and is of the best quality.  it's pharmaceutical grading complies with both USP and BP standards and this supplier ensures that their salts are independently analysed to ensure its quality.

sodium lauryl sulphoacetate

this is what makes the bubbles

sodium lauryl sulphoacetate (or SLSA for short) is not to be confused with SLS or SLES.  this biodegradable component is naturally derived from vegetable sources and conforms to Ecocert's cosmetic standard.  SLSA does not penetrate the skin and is a safe, skin friendly cleanser which adds the rich and long lasting SOAKY bubbles.

essential / fragrance oils

the thing that smells great

all our fragrances are sourced locally. here's a description of each of them.


this is what makes the bath so fun

it's hard to believe that our vibrant colours are created using only four colour pigments and less than 0.02% of our products are colourants!  some of the colours are derived from one colour pigment only, whilst others are made up from a combination of two pigments.

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