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Andy Apple

a pure apple fragrance

smells like you have just cut into a fresh green granny smith apple.

this fragrance is built using top notes of red fruit medley and red apple, mid notes of floral jasmine, muguet and geranium, underpinned with spearmint, vanilla and blonde woods base notes.

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Franny Frangipani

a clean frangipani scent

frangipani has a heady, sweet, floral-green aroma, which is somewhat fruit-like. there are few people who do not love the scent of frangipani.  an absolute favourite amongst our  SOAKY fans.

this scent is derived from pure essential oils.

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Billy Blueberry

a delicious berry flavour

this fragrance is fresh and fruity and smells just almost good enough to eat (but don't, though). 

the top notes of this one is made up of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, with mid notes of pineapple and blackberry, beautifully balanced with carnation and musk.

Elements_RGB-5 copy.png

Gary Grape

smells like grape soda pop

a fun and delicious bubbly grape scent with pops of sweetness, just like candy!

this yummy fragrance is complimented by supporting fruits of pineapple, peach and raspberry, topped off and finished with a hint of creamy vanilla.

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Lilly Lavender

a calming lavender scent

this lavender fragrance has a delicate, sweet smell that is floral, herbal, and  woodsy at the same time. this scent is combined with an invigorating sweet orange fragrance which creates a fresh, sweet juicy scent of citrus fruits with undertones of bright orange blossom.

this scent is derived from pure essential oils.

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Sally Strawberry

a mouth-watering fragrance

this is another childhood favorite fragrance!  the smell of vine-ripened strawberries underpinned by additional fruity notes of orange and peach nectar on a base of vanilla bean and buttermilk.

what is not to like.  smells just like strawberry milk!

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Manny Mandarin

delicious and sweet

this fragrance makes you think of a lovely summer's day spent next to the pool, having fun with your family.  mandarin's zestiness is instantly cheering with its sweet, fresh and fruity smell.

this fragrance is derived from pure essential oils.

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Polly Pineapple

tropical summer scents

when it comes to fruity and tropical aromas, this pineapple scent is a must have.  this is a truly sweet and succulent fragrance that smells identical to freshly cut pineapple.

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